Beyond The Ghost debut album on Cryo Chamber serves a piano heavy album of atmospheric ambience that pulls you into the city of fog.

The world as you know it has fallen apart, it is but here in the afterlife you might find comfort, if you can find her, you have to. The city mourns with you as the fog rolls in over rusted docks. Shadows crawl across boarded up windows and dilapidated store fronts. Empty streets and frozen winds echo in the void and in your orphaned soul. You were loved once but now walk alone, drifting slowly with a heartache that shatters worlds.

Using synths, drones, live instruments and field recordings, the album takes us on a journey that’s both dreamy and harrowing. Recommended for fans of emotional piano movements and the foggy atmospheres of Silent Hill.


Written, Produced, Performed, Mastered – Pierre Laplace
Artwork – Simon Heath