Within Ruins

“Within ruins” explores the depths of abandoned structures, dwindling stairs and the history of civilizations past. With some truly spectacular layering techniques and influences from beyond the dark ambient sphere, this is one album worth every minute of your attention. Instrumentation ranges from field recordings, soundscapes like drips and glitch ridden beats to classical instrumentation like piano and encapsulated strings deep down under the surface.
Recorded in Romania, by Cristian Voicu.

” And when a piano appears in “Recollection” to play a melody amid steamy hisses and light industrial clatter after 20 minutes of darker fare, its crisp, grounding clarity is almost cleansing. Through moments like this, Voicu shows a solid hand in terms of working the intensity slider here, keeping Within Ruins from having to rely too heavily on standard dark ambient tropes. Even when he gets into that space, as on “Murkfall,” he tempers it with a touch of beat to give you something to latch onto. It’s an odd sensation, to finding yourself sort of nodding along with something that’s gurgling and rustling and snarling in your ears, or to catch a hint of a drawn-out string melody humming somewhere in the distance, but that’s the draw here. It’s like dark chill. It’s a dark ambient stepping-off point for people who think they don’t like dark ambient. My recommendation is to jump in, headphones on, let the bass tones rumble their way into your soul, open your ears and mind and see where Cryobiosis will take you. This is a superb journey, excellently crafted in every regard, and well worth repeat visits. Give it a solid, focused listen to make the most of the experience.”