White Silence

Ugasanie paints us a grim, cold and bleak landscape of dark ambient in White Silence with this chilling album from the heart of Belarus. Careful layering of subtle pads with the frosty overlays of field recordings makes for a truly special soundscape that speaks to the core of unsheltered humanity.


“The color changes and so do the musical nuances in “Tundra Fogs”. Now the passage becomes grey and somber, even smog-devouring, bringing in the picture a liquid sense of death or dissolution. The misty atmosphere slowly turns into a terrific deluge of obsessive fears. So the music gathers death industrial demonic arpeggios as if (Megaptera) scare-crows are watching over us with a thousand eyes.
Finally all this plethora of impressionist canvases dissipates; all that remains is the “Silence Of The Rocks”: a mournful abandonment of hope to the sole poetical salvation: Vision.
Vision is all that matters, as in an Elend song inspired by Blake’s verses, is the unwritten motto of this album. Ugasanie crafted its Vision of the polar landscape in musical terms with impressive talent and intimacy and invited us, the listeners, to take part in this mysterious voyage. Raise the anchors once more towards the White Silence!”