The cowled seers from beyond the frigid void incessantly observe us moving through our daily lives. Manipulating the orders of chance and whimsy they collect our thoughts and steer us through the Illusion. Their goal to collect the few for an expedition deep down into the abyss where the lost god once sought refuge. The weave of “reality” grows thin with this release as it explores what lies beyond even the manifold spires of the ancient city as well as the fractured memories of every swayed traveller.
Atrium Carceri returns with a stunningly detailed album and yet again propels the genre forward into uncharted territory.

“”Humanity’s Cradle” kicks the storytelling aspect of the message from this album into high gear. We hear someone walking along a stone path and possibly a metal walkway. It appears he’s on a journey, looking for something. Whether he finds what he’s looking for or not, we never know, but we follow him on his journey, all the while hearing what appears to be white noise or distorted animal sounds surrounding him. I think this song is a metaphor for the journey that some of us take when we soul search.
“Curved Blade” is a song that sounds more like a track for a video game. It reminds me a lot of something you would hear from American McGee’s Alice (very Vrenna inspired) as it has quite a cinematic quality to it. We hear creepy choir voices among distorted piano that gives it a childlike lullaby quality to it. This song uses more beats and I wouldn’t consider it ambient, but rather Industrial IDM.
As you can see by a few of my track descriptions, you will be engaging on quite the sonic journey. As I was listening, I couldn’t quite help but feeling that I was Alice, tumbling further down the rabbit hole. Atrium Carceri uses real life noises to tell a disturbing story that envelops the listener into a sinister world of darkness and chaos. Fortunately for you, you will make it out alive. Our traveler though, his adventure may not end in his favor. We’ll never know…”