Vinland is the third and last album in Northumbria’s trilogy inspired by the Norse discovery of Canada.

The journey was long and hard, you lost good men sailing across the never ending sea, but now you stand on foreign land. The father of gods watches over you as his ravens circle the funeral pyre to bring his warriors home. 

The rocks here emanate a low hum, the silent wind carries the scent of honey and at nightly camp bestial cries echo between the mountains. Your men speak in hushed voices as the dark creeps close, they mutter about this being the territory of new gods. This dreamy land is getting to your people, some men wake screaming in the blackest hour from visions delivered by the dark below. But for you this expedition is one of enlightenment, the fresh rivers fill your mouth with the light of Yggdrasil, forests carry whispers from the mead halls beyond and as such have you convinced that this is the pathway between the worlds of gods and men. 

Using guitar and bass, and recording their improvised compositions live, Jim Field and Dorian Williamson create a deep textured sound world. Evoking the ancient wonder that the Norse explorers must have felt discovering Vinland, the Windswept Land.

Written, Produced, Performed
Jim Field & Dorian Williamson

Artwork & Mastering
Simon Heath