German Ambient

German Ambient by Sjellos explores dusty old space ship corridors, where alien technology seem to playfully vibrate in harmony with the deep warp space drives that churn endlessly while propelling this huge metal beast through the dark vacuum of space. Sjellos takes us deep down into the forgotten temples on desolate planets long forgotten, both into outer and inner space.


“Other tracks that I consider to stand out are “Broken” and “All Hope Gone”, where the artist borrows the masterful use of melody mingled with dark ambient that Atrium Carceri has spoiled us with, to excellent results. In “Broken” the melody is unraveled slowly towards the second half of the track, complementary to an atmosphere comprised of many different sounds layered on top of one another. Whereas “All Hope Gone” places the emphasis on the beautiful, minimalistic piano melody to end the recording on a melancholic, profoundly nostalgic note. The piano keys sound loud and clear, piercing the listener’s heart with their intrinsic sadness. From within the cold exterior of this alien world, emotions can still emerge, a sort of utopian romanticism can find its way through the debris, like a flower blooming on cracked concrete.

Although Sjellos may be an unknown artist for most of you, his brand of sci-fi dark ambient is technically impeccable – the sound, production, economy and layering have nothing to envy from the most well-known names in the genre – and more importantly, offers an original concept that the listeners can immerse themselves into, without at any point feeling underwhelmed. The skill of the musician takes the ship through hyperspace and lands us on our journey, secure and satisfied. My suggestion: book your seat.”