God Body Disconnect returns with a deeply personal album that takes us on a journey through the emotional landscapes of grief and mortality.

“God Body Disconnect has always served as my outlet for personal introspection. It’s a place where I can uncover my deepest emotions and face the inner demons I’ve been too afraid to confront in my life. I’ve often used my own recorded voice in the music to help guide both myself and listeners through these difficult inner workings. From the weary and cryptic words on Dredge Portals and Sleepers Fate, to the grief-stricken monologue on The Mist Between Mirrors, I’ve come to rely on their importance to the music. But last year when I became sick again, and had death sitting on my shoulders, something changed in me. I found that I couldn’t comfortably channel these feelings from behind a microphone. Maybe it was all a bitter reminder of the hospitals, or the pain of watching my body fail. But I had to face the real possibility of my end, and then somehow find a way to make peace with that. I’ve always strived to be honest with my music, and this album is my attempt to tell that truth. I no longer need to hide from pain. I know death is real, and while I still may fear the unknown, I’ve planted the seed of peace because of it. – Bruce”

For fans of melancholic multi-layering, post-rock undertones and soothing field recordings.