Machine Music

The Architects consists of 8 evolving tracks with a mechanical touch to each one. This album of machine music is the product of deep theory, ageless echos and murmurs of voices not heard in countless millennium.
By use of ritual techniques and unconventional sampling, Randal Collier-Ford takes us to his world of a union between the old and the new. This is an original take on Drone vs Sound Design, leaving enough room on the album to explore both concepts fully, from empty rooms of pure sound sampling and bowing techniques to tracks with bass driven drone fused with distortion and drum hits from the abyss.

Written, Produced – Randal Collier-Ford
Artwork and Mastering – Simon Heath

“’ll put a fly in this ointment though, because all these birds and flowers on the pink sky would be too much. It concerns not so much Randal himself, but the whole Cryo Chamber label. This may sound strange, but the label’s publications are made so perfectly that sometimes their lose their natural feel. Even when sound dirt or a distortion appears, it almost always has a sterile, clinical character. I know that perfectionism is a virtue, and that this is Cryo Chamber policy, but I wouldn’t be put off if the drone was sometimes a bit more fuzzy, if the dirt was more slimy and tarry. So that it could confirm all the more my belief that it is the work of man, and not a perfectly programmed cyborg. In short, more madness, less calculation. It’s just my opinion.”