Self Destruction Themes

Pedro Pimentel returns to Cryo Chamber with his second album on the label, Self Destruction Themes. This time with help from Amund Ulvestads beautiful cello performances, Simon Heaths textural piano work and Apocryphos atmospheric distortion layers.

This is a massive album of cold but inviting atmospheres, filtered noise, acoustic layering and sweeping textural layers. The sad theme throughout the album paints images of a world depopulated and of overgrown and dilapidated cityscapes.

 released December 15, 2015

Written, Produced – Pedro Pimentel
Cellos – Amund Ulvestad
Featured on track “Something More” – Simon Heath
Featured on track “Here we’ll be gone” – Apocryphos

“Wordclock is the project of Pedro Pimentel and his new release is presented as inspired by “images of a world depopulated and of overgrown and dilapidated cityscapes”. The first noticeable element in this release is the use of cello and piano so it borders territories closer to modern classical in the framework of the usual ambient structure of the drone texture.

The soundscape of “Here we’ll be Gone” opens this release creating a canvas for the string instruments whose use generates a fissure. “The Fever of our Waiting” starts quietly and generate a sense of suspension partially resolved by the ending noisy drone. “It May Come” is a short and quiet track based on a couple of piano chords and sparse notes of cello. “When Indecision Strikes” is based on a couple of slowly evolving drones ending with a piano chord. “Something More” is instead based on texture rich soundscape and a string drone. “More often than not” is an interlude based on a loop and a string musical lines that is the base for “Every Shade” in a rich dialogue with the soundscape in the background. “Something Else” starts with the recording of a vinyl crackle and evolve with a synth drone. “32 Walls” features a beat and some almost inaudible voices to generate an evocative sound palette. “Lack of Language” closes this release with a beat and a catchy synth melody.
The peculiar quality of this release is the variety of musical solution so it spans to almost classic dark ambient territories to even synth pop in the final tracks. It’s a release enjoyable for almost everyone.” – Chain DLK