Viola Music

Dark Ambient with influences from the vast corners of the earth combining ritualistic elements, fine texture work, throat singing and live viola music. A multifaceted album that will attract those in search of a multilayered dark ambient experience with classical influences.

“Jurney through the sea of black and walk upon the mysterious halls of gothic castles slowly approaches the end with epic dark ambiances of claustrophobic, hauntingly disturbing and scarry “Putrefaction Chamber”, which in my opinion is a perfect soundtrack for any mystery themed movie or horror adventure video game. Even if it’s minimalistic in its essence there’s so much going on, the listener must just keep the attention to all of the details, without that the journey is not complete and Sea Of Black doesn’t offer pure satisfaction to those who are willing to take the steps into this world of mental depravity that closes up with the controversial “Ecstatic Paradigm”, which plays with listeners mind by interlacing almost cacophonic disturbing darkness with lush yet soothing ominous ambiance. Enmarta‘s Sea Of Black enthuses with its diversity, bold insertions, well composed soundscapes, interesting ideas and most of all with its fluent deeply melancholic cinematic vibe. It offers a well flowing sonic journey that every fan of dark ambient should perceive.”