Metatron Omega – Sanctum

Metatron Omega returns with his second album out of Serbia on Cryo Chamber, Metatron Omega – Sanctum. Ancient Gothic choirs, ritual drone and archaic atmospheres enlightens the listener.

Scorpio V presents us with a touching esoteric Dark Ambient album.

Feel the cold winter air on bare skin atop Majestic Cathedrals. Hear the archaic chanting echoing from never ending halls below. Taste the iron from blood filled chalices of forgotten secret orders. Bow down on bruised knees before the serpent pillar in Sacral Monasteries. Partake in rituals hidden but practiced since the dawn of time.

Written, Produced, Performed – Scorpio V
Artwork – Scorpio V & Simon Heath
Mastering – Simon Heath
Cover Photography – Peter Van Der Velde



Having traded in the spoken word for the hymnal chants, Metatron Omega has successfully replaced one form of sacral vocals, which didn’t necessarily fit the bill, for another which not only fits the genre, and the release perfectly, but also has the potential to drag in a huge crowd of raison d’etre fans who are ever longing for a return to his mid-late 90s musical style. We may never get that version ofraison d’etre back, but we are indeed seeing an album in Sanctum, which has reverently incorporated Gregorian chants, yet in a wholly different way than we experienced through old raison d’etre albums. Sanctum is an absolute must have for fans of sacral dark ambient, who prefer a refined and cinematic experience instead of the more hypnotic experience presented by acts like Halo Manashand others on Aural Hypnox. With Sanctum improving on the Metatron Omega sound in almost every way, it is hard to imagine what amazing works the future holds in store for this highly talented musician.

Rating: 9/10

Terra Relicta


There is a grand scope to the music that does not really have a story but has a purpose, a purpose that differs from person to purpose. There is an atmosphere on this album that I’ve not heard outside an atmospheric black metal album. It’s not massive like that of space ambient, which by its very nature has to have atmosphere beyond anything else, but it has greater depth and more richness than nearly anything I’ve ever heard. The music and the soundscape cascades and reverberates as though it were captured rather than created, the music is alive in its own writhing, twisted way.

Rating: 10/10

/ Resounding Footsteps