Industrial Ambient

Randal Collier-Ford is back with his second album on Cryo Chamber, Remnants takes us to edge of the futuristic and the esoteric, industrial ambient blending the elements to soothe the listener into a black whirlpool of unexpected evolving sound design.

released October 20, 2015

Written, Produced – Randal Collier-Ford
Artwork, Mastering – Simon Heath

“Randal Collier-Ford is clearly happy to leave his comfort zone. He could have written another album similar to The Architects and kept his fan-base happy. However, he decided to continue travelling further off the beaten path with this release. There are so many feelings that arise while listening to Remnants that only one thing is certain, Randal Collier-Ford has full control over the listener, he can take us when and where he pleases. This journey is reminiscent of the things that make dark ambient and industrial music so interesting, yet it looks forward, it reaches out into the unknown, paving its own path along the way. Remnants is highly recommended for lovers of sci-fi oriented dark ambient and it is a breath of fresh air from the industrial side. Randal Collier-Ford seems to have taken all he has learned in these genres and produced something very unique and unexpected for us to enjoy.”