Reflections under the Sky

Reflections under the Sky, a collaboration between Moscow based Textere Oris and Ukrainian project SiJ comes this field recording focused release. A merger of warm tape noise fused recordings and analogue acoustics, it paints a larger than life picture of nature with a warm but at times brooding backdrop with and overlay of sacral vocals.

Available in 24 bit FLAC

released February 9, 2016

All tracks written by Vladislav Sikach and Ilya Fursov between 2014-2015.

Synthesizer/keyboards, field recordings & contact microphones, noises, guitar, percussion, toy piano, voice by Vladislav Sikach.
Synthesizer, field recordings, percussion, sampling by Ilya Fursov.

Mixed and mastered by Ilya Fursov.

“Reflections Under The Sky is a gentle listen, the focus on field recordings of rain and water lulling the mind while the echoes and beats wash over the listener. I always tend to lean toward dark ambient albums that use nature recordings and other “real world” sounds as accompaniment to their darker tones, so from the start, I felt quite warmly towards this album.

Reflections Under The Sky is a fantastic listen, especially when the weather outside your own window might match what is going on inside the soundscapes you are listening to. It’s harsh in places, but not in a jarring way, and its use of field recordings as a firm basis for the compositions to be constructed on or around is genuinely enjoyable. If you enjoy more meditative and relaxing dark ambient music, Reflections Under The Sky is probably a great choice for you. Even if you don’t tend towards that kind of sound, it is still well worth your time. I give it 4.5/5.” – Casey Douglass