Dronny Darko & Ajna group up on the dark and rusty ambient album Radioactive Immersion.

Your headlamp sweeps the tunnel walls. Roots and moss stretch their tendrils out of the darkness in strange geometric patterns, mutated and fueled by water from the abandoned cooling chambers. Beeps echo from the pathway hubs and facilities within. The old tech is active down here. The nuclear backup reactor is still going. The bio lab rests in the belly of a fungal forest. Skeletal remains rest in orange hazmat suits swallowed by cocooning vines. “Don’t breathe in the fumes”—the advice echoes in your head as you check your oxygen supply. 1 hour left. Let’s go!

Recommended for fans of spatial audio design, microsounds and atmospheric drone.

Written, Produced, Performed
Oleg Puzan & Chris F

Artwork & Mastering
Simon Heath