Slender Man

Aseptic Void known for his stellar work on the Slender Woods game, of the Slender Man fame, debuts on Cryo Chamber with his album Psychosis. A fitting name for the visions it creates of mental asylums and damaged psyches. Conjuring visions of decayed and abandoned playgrounds and rusted up old schoolyards while the illusion rots away, this is pure darkness molded into black ambient noise.

““Psychosis” is a journey in the fears and hallucinations of a deranged mind, stamped with a questionmark as to whether any of this is real, and whether or not we can find the exit sign. The choking darkness of this recording is insidious and implied, it sneaks up on you like the proverbial evil spirit or axe-murderer – its aim being not to shock you into a frozen state of forced attention, but to slowly drag you down into an underground trap of neverending terror. The more you listen, the deeper you get, the more difficult it becomes to find your way out. In this perverse labyrinth your worst enemy is yourself, the most hideous tortures are the result of your own fears and nightmares. Are you still in the tunnel or safely strapped on your bed, in a white panelled room where time stands still? You’ll never know.”