Hoshin – Path of Dissolutions

Hoshin, also know under his alias Esylt, presents us with a soothing ambient music album with Hoshin – Path of Dissolutions. Ripe with field recordings of lush forests and damp ancient temples. Layered with mechanical undertones it creates a unique atmosphere. An enlightening voyage to the center of Mysticism. Blackened machines summon dread, while the spiritual world knocks on the door of reality.

The stench of decay stand in stark contrast to the awakened mind. We feel throbbing bass one minute, the other surrounded by murmuring crowds. From within them the cough of pestilence echo through halls that never end.

This is fresh twist on the dark ambient genre and drone music.

Available in 24 bit FLAC

Written, Produced, Performed – Hoshin
Artwork & Mastering – Simon Heath


Path of Dissolutions contains a nice mixture of tracks, from the quiet echoing spaces to the aforementioned rumbling goliaths. My initial disappointment at the disappearance of the human-based soundscapes was tempered by the obvious quality contained in the ones that follow. I particularly liked the tracks that sounded as if they featured some kind of eldritch machinery grinding up through gears in the distance. An example of this is the rhythmic muffled thumps contained in Ruins in Focus, which put me in mind of some kind of giant press working somewhere far away, the soundscape becoming more violent as the thumps turn into stabs.
Path of Dissolutions is a quality dark ambient album 

Rating: 4/5

/ Casey Douglass


Mit “Path Of Dissolutions” konnte mich Hoshin auf Anhieb voll überzeugen, zumal das Werk bei abendlicher Ruhe evaluiert, einen wirklich atmosphärischen Eindruck hinterlässt. Wer dem Dark Ambient verfallen ist, der wird somit nicht um vorliegende Publikation herumkommen, weshalb es meinerseits auch eine absolute Kaufempfehlung gibt. Mein Dank für dieses perfekte Album geht an Cryo Chamber!

Rating: 9.6/10

/ Raben Report