Fresh out of the Black Room Studio in Kiev, the third album in Dronny Darko’s sound design heavy trilogy is a continuation of his dark and minimalist sound.

“The awakening is rude and painful. You scramble to your feet, slithering on black fluid as it pools off your trembling body. The giant womb and pulsating walls breathes with you, slurping red liquid through fleshy tubes. The quivering membrane squirts goo as you tear through it, facing blinding light outside.

Structures as tall as mountains dots the alien landscape. A humming low tone fills your head. A flash of three suns under a red sky. Senses cut in and out. Fluttering vision. Stuttering sound. Strobing fear. The facility calls and you answer.”

Recommended for fans of lowercase ambient, alien abductees and void travelers

Written, Produced, Performed – Oleg Puzan
Artwork & Mastering – Simon Heath