Dronny Darko’s second solo full length album on Cryo Chamber is an introverted journey through the psyche of the listener. From primal and space ambient sounding drones, to something constructed in a laboratory, this album is a mix of drones both deep and detailed with tiny sounds for those that pay attention.
Written, Produced – Oleg Puzan
Artwork, Mastering – Simon Heath
Neuroplasticity is not like any other dark ambient release I’ve come across. The sound palette is totally foreign, electrical, yet still seeming to hold an organic tone throughout. The soundscapes are harsh, yet captured with a pristine production value, frequently touching on deep hollow drones and various white noises. This gives the listener ample opportunity to let their imagination run wild, as I have with my interpretation of this release. It is a brave and pioneering escape from what is usually expected of the genre, taking the listener on a dark and unfamiliar sonic adventure. This is not the type of album to put on in the background and ignore, it stands tall, begging the attention of the listener. You can close your eyes and all sorts of feelings and visuals are sure to come to mind, quite possibly contradicting each other as the monumentally unique experience is undertaken on repeat listening sessions. Neuroplasticity is a treat to the open minded listener, who doesn’t expect a certain set of rules to apply to each album in their collection. Dronny Darko has surely stepped outside his comfort zone with this release, building a soundscape that is vastly unique and rewarding with each repeated play-through. Not for the faint of heart,Neuroplasticity is a sonic feast for the adventurous listener who appreciates deep drones and utterly foreign soundscapes.” – Terra Relicta