Monde Obscure

Field recording heavy dark ambient from Croatia. This dark music album is an unsettling tale taking us from the abandon dilapidated high rises where the portals from another world cracks open to leak it’s black ink into our world. Great attention to detail and layers means this album will be replayed many times before it can all be taken in. Not for the faint of heart.
Released 19 May 2015Written, Produced, Performed – Jurica Santek
Mastered – Simon Heath
Artwork – Crossfading

“As I said at the start of this review, Monde Obscure will take your mind into dark places, dipping your brain in vats of unspeakable grime before laying it out in the swamp for the carrion birds to pick over. There were a number of tracks that I would happily apply the label of “Favourite” to, each for their own particular charm.

Culture Aveugle I love because to me, it really did sound like a room full of beings who thought they were so strong and mighty being cowed by the appearance of a true power. A bit like the difference between a murderer finding themselves face to face with Hannibal Lecter.
Faux Prophete just conjured such interesting images to me, technology and animal sounds mingling to create something strange and unsettling.
Obscurite Totale I enjoyed for the space that opened up part way through the track, the breathing and chimes tinkling one of the most peaceful and relaxing soundscapes I have heard for quite some time.
I give Monde Obscure4.5/5 and think you would be well advised to visit the link below and have a listen for yourself.”