Love Like Blood

Love Like Blood serves as a companion piece to Flowers for Bodysnatchers seminal Dark Ambient album Aokigahara. In this album we explore the haunted tale of despair of love lost, found and lost again. Our protagonists journey from the previous album is a shadowy narrative walking hand in hand with the fatal attraction that is Aokigahara.

The album revisits the lonely intricate piano movements, soundscapes and field recordings compiled while exploring the underworld that is Tokyo. Exploring a metropolis and an individual constantly in a state of decay and rebirth. As is Love Like Blood.

Written, Produced, Performed – Duncan Ritchie
Artwork – Duncan Ritchie & Simon Heath
Mastering – Duncan Ritchie



Love Like Blood does nothing if not solidify Flowers For Bodysnatchers as an artists willing to do anything necessary to evoke the intended emotions of the listener. Duncan Richie pulls the heart strings of the listener, as he digs deep into the depths of sorrow, lost love, and a general hopelessness, on a very personal level. These efforts do not come up short. Each of the tracks on both Aokigaharaand Love Like Blood are magnificent works of art, presented by a truly integral artist to the genre of dark ambient. While he may not have been doing this for as long as many of his peers, Duncan shows a natural tendency to delve deep into intricate concepts and emotional passages, rivaling many veterans of the genre. The move to Cryo Chamber brought more attention to Flowers For Bodysnatchers, but the talents of Duncan Ritchie were already present long before joining the label. I would highly recommend Love Like Blood to any dark ambient fan who appreciates the ability to step outside the norm for the sake of the greater story-line. Not only that, but the brilliant use of classical instrumentation should make an introduction to the genre all the easier to digest for new-comers. An excellent addition to the Cryo Chamber library and an essential dark ambient album for 2016.

Ratings: 9/10
/ Terra Relicta


The word cinematic is thrown around fairly casually when the genre in question is ambient, so much so that it’s become a rather irksome cliche. But there’s really no way to avoid using the term when presented withLove Like Blood, Duncan Ritchie’s latest Flowers for Bodysnatchers release and companion recording to his Dark Ambient opus Aokigahara. Based on the evidence at hand, Ritchie deliberately deploys his creative powers in the service of evoking filmic scenes in aural form, whether it be those of a bone-chilling nature or ones less harrowing.

Love Like Blood centers on feelings of despair wrought by romantic turbulence (“love lost, found, and lost again”), but there’s little need to get too hung up on a story-line when the material succeeds so well on purely visceral terms. There is both a sense of mutating flow and structure to the recording, the latter instated by having piano-based settings frame the release. His talent for scene-painting is apparent from the first moments of the downtrodden opener, “The Obscure You Deserve,” wherein brooding piano figures drift through a mutating mist of atmospheric gloom and suggestive real-world sounds. As vivid is “Time Shall Heal No Wounds,” which closes the recording in a spirit of peaceful resignation with heartfelt piano expressions drenched in rain and shadowed by cawing crows.

Ratings: N/A
/ Textura