Living in the Grayland

From Alphaxone (IRAN), comes this outwordly dark ambient album titled Living in the Grayland. The soundscape varies between the ancient and the futuristic and inspires for internal stories about the path of mankind.

“There’s a good sense of arrangement in the mix, with individual elements being placed in clear spatial contrast to each other; Grayland‘s work never merges into singular, all-encompassing drone. Phased tones trickle down from above, mingling with more abyssal pads in the depths on “Cold Spring” (I swear I was thinking of it in aquatic terms before I noticed the title). This isn’t far removed from one of Saleh’s main techniques on Grayland: secondary layers of more disquieting noise layered overtop of core compositions. There’s a buzzing fly, then an odd scuttle on “Overwhelm”, and a particularly uncanny sound on “Into The Silence”: light footsteps on wet pavement echoing in a tunnel? Something frying extremely slowly in a pan of oil? Maggots being birthed from an abandoned pile of leftovters? Evocative and unsettling to be sure, which is what you sign up for with this type of record, to be fair.”