Russian Dark Ambient

Aveparthe is the collaboration project of artists Sádon and Astral&Shit, three russian musicians combining their efforts in search of the essence of the north, this is Russian dark ambient at it’s core.

This release has influences from both the ambient of old and new and combines it for an emotional ride through the frosty rivers of the northern expanse.

“Landscapes over the Sea is varied and balanced. It’s opened by the crushing Nimbostratus, an almost Lawrence English style track that eats, chews and spits at you in its 17 minutes of bone-breaking harsh drones. Then Fog Machine rolls in to heal your wounds with its raw lo-fi ambience and voicescapes drenched in reverb, like a shivering frosty lullaby. Full of Sun is a travel, built on layers of hiss with a tense analogue feel, enhanced by seemingly orthodox chants. They’re further backed up by edgy, organic drones, which calls to mind throat singing, still no idea what their origin is, but definitely this piece is among the highlights from the record. Similar to Fog Machine, 1600 is a the calm after the storm, the piece that resembles the most Imitation of Mediation and then Turn is here to banish us from the world of Avepathe. The closing track drops us into the limitless freezing ocean of drones once again, but this time for good. At least until Avepathe are back with yet another record.

After listening to this release I have been left with one question; are Russian artists capable of producing a release that emits any sense of warmth. There’s some of that in Sádon’s Fire EP, but definitely not brought to the extremes. which their “colder” output has reached.”