From Canadian duo Northumbria (Jim Field and Dorian Williamson) comes this guitar based ambient drone album named Helluland. This album is the product of recording sessions during late 2013 and most of 2014, and was heavily inspired the Norse discovery of Baffin Island in Canada over a thousand years ago. The Vikings called this new discovery Helluland… “the land of flat stone” in Old Norse.This album is available in digital 24 bit FLAC uncompressed and has a High Dynamic mastering for audiophiles.

released 31 March 2015

Written, Produced, Performed – Dorian Williamson and Jim Field
Artwork and Mastering – Simon Heath
“It is amazing how a story had been told with the use of a single world – Helluland – which gave the context for interpretation. It is also amazing how the music managed to be the main storyteller and that it managed to fulfill its role so well that words were unnecessary. The sounds created by the Canadian duo feel as if the recording sessions were held somewhere around the Northern Pole. The music on “Helluland” is like frozen ground exposed to a winter sun – you can feel how the stiffness is affected by organic life, you can hear how alive yet inaccessible it is. There is a lot happening within what might seem like a wave of slightly shifting sound. Northumbria really do deserve praise for their ability to convey so many emotions and to create such a vivid world. All it takes is to close your eyes, open your mind and allow the music to take you to Helluland.”