Gnosis Dei

Scorpio V from Serbia presents us with Metatron Omega – Gnosis Dei, a dark ambient project inspired by a variety of Eastern/Western esoteric and religious traditions. Massive choir works paints a picture of dilapidated cathedrals crumbling under the pressure of time. Sacred vocal work speaks of the path to enlightenment to a backdrop of textural field recordings and monestarial reverberations.Available in 24 bit FLAC

Produced, Performed, Written, Lyrics – Scorpio V
Artwork and Mastering – Simon Heath

“The soundscapes are full of droning bass frequencies, sound samples dominated by massive choirs in a liturgical-catacomb-esque mood, dark reverbs and echoing resonances also come to the mix. Huge psychoacoustic effects and efficient sound morphologies that will ravish fans of the genre. The only negative point is the lack of diversity (slow motion sound sculptures with deep choirs from one track to the other. The vibrant, gloomy and religious track “Apotheosis” sums it up well). That said, it does not really disturb the blackened soundtracky beauty of the ambient ceremony.

Gnosis Dei even admits the comparison with a classic release such as The Empty Hollow Unfolds (by Raison d’être). It contains less industrial noises but we are immersed in a feeling of deep quietness/strangeness with relatively similar use of processed religious choirs. Well recommended for fans of Cryo Chamber and masterpieces from Desiderii Marginis, Cities Last Broadcast and Svartsinn.”