Eye of Tunguska

Eye of Tunguska, a strange incident took place in the 1990s in late autumn in the taiga. Not far from the epicenter of the Tunguska meteorite impact site. A group of students went hiking to to see this legendary site. They lost their way after they decided to spend the night in one of the winter huts built by hunters of the land. Their mutilated bodies were later found near an old abandoned geological base with radiation burns. Ugasanie explores this incident together with photographer Alexsandr Yakushev in this eerily cold and unforgiving dark ambient release.

Available in 24 bit FLAC

Running time: 57:30


“It sounds more and more tormented, like reaching a kind of paranoid state reminding me of the atmosphere of the legendary “The Blair Witch Project”. The tracklist appears to be meticulously built up to reach the ultimate degree of torment and anger. I like the dense sound layers, which have been constantly recovered by heavy buzzing vibes. This is perfectly executed on “Abandoned Base” and “Attempt To Contact”, which in my imagination totally symbolizes the nightmare vision of mutilated bodies. This album brings no answer to what really happened to those poor students, but the dark sound creation clearly reveals total horror.”