“On march 22nd 1997, 39 members of the Heavens Gate cult committed suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, California. 

They did this in waves lasting three days, they received a signal in the form of a comet known as Hale Bopp. 

Once every 2000 years a signal from the level above human appears. 

“RED ALERT, A massive comet is soaring close to earths atmosphere. A signal has come to show the next step. You must abandon your human bodies and leave with uncertain doubt. Closure to Heavens Gate is here, the level above human.” 

With time running out and nothing left to lose the leader of the group Marshall Applewhite reaches a decision. He then instructs his students to ingest applesauce laced with Phenobarbitol, chased with a shot of vodka. They rest in their bunk beds as life dissipates their vessels of flesh. 

On day 3, after their last supper, they sign out of the daily log for the last time, as the clock nears 8pm. They begin the final phase of their mission, fading away in bed is taking too long. Armed with plastic bags, students assist with the suicides of their teammates, by tying them around their necks. Purple death shroud wrapped around theircorpse.

Old, tired, and broken from long days and sleepless nights leading to the away teams final departure. They are now free from the pain and horrible suffering the world has shown them, they no longer need to rely on the human experience. This world has not been kind, 39 to beam up. ”