Cold Ambient

Mystified (Missouri, USA) serves us a frozen wasteland of dark ambient, where the skies are shattered by the horns of the never ending tundra.

“The album is attached to a conceptual framework of arctic exploration, but I have to admit that nautical themes came more readily to mind as I slung this release on repeat. The woozy, repeating string phrases of “Frozen Vapor” and “Patriotic Exploration” gave a sense of undertow and tidal constancy, but I suppose the endless snowdrifts and hypothermic delusions could be just as applicable. The windswept stillness and crackle of “Deep In The Tundra” is perhaps the exception to this, and is, perhaps fittingly, the most classically dark ambient track on display.

I can’t say that I’ve heard the line between neoclassical and drone straddled this deftly before, at least outside of soundtrack work. Eschate Thule sat in my speakers on loop for about six hours, and rather than ever feeling like certain tracks were returning or wearing out their welcome, the predominant experience was one of having particular moods and textures reemerge after an indeterminate absence; perhaps a nice macro perspective on the subtle repetition Park shades his work with, and a suitable enough analogy for Eschate Thule‘s charms.”