Echoes from Outer Silence

Cryo Chamber welcomes Iranian Mehdi Saleh from Alphaxone back with his 4th album on the label, Echoes from Outer Silence. A space voyage ambient album of drone mixed with electronic overtones and a healthy dose of field recordings.

Echoes from Outer Silence take us through space and to the archaic signals of civilizations beyond the stars, Mehdi this time packing some serious analogue warmth to his droney dreamscapes.

He once again polishes up his already splendid sound quality and excellent production to reach new heights. This is an album best enjoyed when relaxing with a cup of freeze dried coffe in zero G.


“I have been a huge fan of Alphaxone since I first heard Living In The Grayland, but Echoes From Outer Silence seems like the album I have truly been waiting for from Mehdi Saleh. All of the elements of his previous albums which worked so well individually seems to have been brought together here perfectly. Living In The Grayland and Altered Dimensions seemed quite abstract, while Absence Of Motion was quite alive with many things seeming to happen within the tracks. Echoes From Outer Silence brings a brilliant balance between the showcasing of lifeforms and a spacey desolation. There are all the elements present to leave the listener visualizing all sorts of fantastical realms and ideas while never loosening its grip on musical aesthetics. Echoes From Outer Silence is a brilliant album by Alphaxone. I would highly recommend this to any fan of dark ambient music, especially those who love an extra-terrestrial edge. There is also enough substance here musically to recommend this as an introduction to the genre for anyone not as familiar with dark ambient. Turn out the lights crank the stereo and open your third-eye to the infinite expanses of our universe.” – Terra Relicta