Earth Songs

Dronny Darko and protoU presents us a highly conceptual work in Earth Songs. Starting with the Big Bang, leading us through a path of evolution from the first life below the surface to the connected consciousness of humanity and us finally leaving earth. A dark ambient album of soothing, dreamy atmospheric drones and field recordings.

“This music breathes. It whispers from the pulsating depths of boundless panoramic dreams, percolates effortlessly through the speakers, creating a window of sorts, a way of looking—and maybe even entering—into another world. The sound design, subtle yet soul-arousing, soaked in field recordings, undulates seductively, circulates assertively. You can feel the murmur of the wind, the moistness of the soil, the wild, restless yet soothing activity of creatures of all kinds beneath and above. It’s a spacious world, futuristic, but ancient mysticism leaks out of every pore, out of every shade. A bustling, stimulating flora and fauna. An intoxicating yet meditative sensory experience.

Cryo Chamber has been very loyal to its ethos, consistently releasing high quality dark ambient , digitally, and physically on CDs with attractive artwork—usually done by Simon Heath (head of Cryo Chamber), a.k.a. Atrium Carceri, Sabled Sun and Krusseldorf, who also does the mastering for all the releases. The label has a loyal and gradually growing crowd thirsty for this kind of music. A crowd who consumes almost every release with great pleasure. Personally, I find Helluland and Earth Songs more effective than any other album on the label’s catalog, and wish to get anomalies from Cryo Chamber more frequently.”