Silent Hill music

A field recording heavy dark ambient album for fans of Silent Hill music and heavily inspired by it. From producer Terry Holifield (England) comes this creepy soundscape filled release.


“Minimalist Black Ambient Soundtrack for something like a found footage film is the vibe that comes across while I listen to this and the sinister smiles being as well. This will make some not be able to sleep at night and other just will need more of this like a drug. It’s really is in the mind of the listener. I do like the Silent Hill comparison that the label gave it as it does sound like you are between the world of the living and death and you do even realize it. Works like haunting, creepy and horror are just what the backdrop of a release like this comes from. ALT3R3D STAT3 is more about when the mind no longer can see rational and the super natural is the common place and how much you can take before you and your soul just shuts down and allows what is going to happen to happen. Sometimes you can’t stop what is going on and you need to move into the next realm for a reason… ”