Deep Drone

From the Ukraines Oleg Puzan comes this thick deep drone album of darkest black, every track a perfect 13 minute summoning of elder gods forgotten in time.Written, Produced, Performed – Oleg Puzan
Mastering – Simon Heath

“The rite of self-extinction completed, the initiate is now ready to enter the “Arcane Shrine”. Cold, howling winds and the sound of footsteps muffled by deep drones. A voice in recitation, echoed on stone and empty space. Chants. Whispers. The gradual admission of light. The creaking of a wooden door pulled by an antique mechanism. The track is surprisingly mundane given its title, and as I ponder upon the fact a suspicion dawns on me: could it be that the newly composed individual is thrown back into… the real world? Forever captive in the circle of the Outer Tehom…The structure of the album refers me to a vinyl or cassette release, as the first two tracks seem to constitute one unit, and the last two another one. The two units are related to the general concept however, and as the musician is more than capable of handling his atmospheres and creating a mind-enveloping sound, “Outer Tehom” actually makes for a great meditative journey – if you’re not too afraid of goblins and demons and creepy cult priests, that is. This needs to be listened to in headphones with the lights out, more than the average ambient album does, as its frequencies are hypnotic in the literal sense of the word. But like any attempt at hypnotism, it will only work if you let it.”