Dredge Portals

God Body Disconnect debuts on Cryo Chamber with Dredge Portals, an emotional roller coaster of an album that reaches through several genres of music to serve us a strong narrative of storytelling.

Using everything from electronics, guitars to field recordings and vocals this is an incredibly diverse album not to be missed.

Running time: 57 minutes

Written, Produced, Vocals – Bruce Moallem
Artwork, Mastering – Simon Heath

“With ethereal, spacious post-industrial qualities the material admits comparison to iconic dark experimental music from Lustmord, Netherworld and Beyond Sensory Experience. The listener is invited to interact with a massive sonorous intertextuality, explore dark spaces from above and absorb spiritual quietness. The soundscapes feature processed field recordings, noisy derelicts, haunted metallic reverbs, spoken words and plenty of gauzy droning ambiences in a spacey synthesized mode with minimal electric guitar and piano touches.

Dredge Portals is an efficient and convincing musical experience, continuously absorbing and cinematic. It will seduce fans of moody atmospheric music, new age space explorations as well as dark investigators of electronic avant-gardism.” – Igloo Magazine