Council of Nine returns to Cryo Chamber with his second full length album Diagnosis. Deep, psychological, personal and complex. This is a dark ambient release in the style Council of Nine is known for with a healthy dose of both beauty and sadness.

Dark drones asking questions from the opposite side of the chaise lounge.

Available in 24 bit

released December 1, 2015

Written, Produced – Maximillian Olivier
Artwork, Mastering – Simon Heath

“Council Of Nine‘s Diagnosis feels personal, deep, dark, and yet still warm and inviting. It doesn’t warn us of the twisted mind as much as it invites us to join it. Council Of Nine offers the perfect meditative experience here. Each track builds on the momentum of the previous and takes us on a slow and only slightly unsettling trip into the imperfect mind. Diagnosis is potent yet never overbearing, equally enjoyable as an active or passive listening experience. As always with Cryo Chamber releases, Diagnosis sounds fantastic in a nice set of headphones but this album really shines when allowed to fill a room with its darkness. The deep bass-laden warmth of Council Of Nine‘s signature sound is easily returned to for multiple listening sessions, with new elements often presenting themselves to the listener with each play. Perfect for the cold dark months of winter, a time when the mind tends to reflect on itself most. Diagnosis is a brilliant addition to Cryo Chamber’s ever-growing catalogue of instant classics and should prove a welcome addition to any dark ambient fan’s library.”