Council of Nine (California, USA) debuts with a carefully crafted and masterfully produced album that carries the listener to a place of ancient history, through death into the void beyond. Previously known for his celebrated work on the Tomb of Empires split album, he shows here what he can do when given free range to encapsulate the listener on a full album.
The bowed reverberation echoes across time and space while the holy sub frequencies of the universe are used to great effect to create a textural backdrop to isolation.This album is available in 24bit FLAC.

released 28 April 2015

Written, Produced – Maximillian Olivier
Artwork, Mastering – Simon Heath
“Council of Nine has succeeded in almost every aspect on this album. As I said, aside from Sacrifice sort of disturbing the mood for me, every other song on the album was very, very well made and I’m sure Dakhma will be put on a list when I am doing creative writing or in need of some meditative music. Very well done album, with great production values. If you like dark ambient, certainly give this album a shot in the dark.”