“Oyez, oyez, oyez!
All good citizens draw near and harken unto these words. For it is grave news this ere night, grave news indeed.
Be it known to all ye, that there has been another murder. A most gruesome murder, and the killer is still on the loose.
So good people ye, lock up your windows, bracen your doors and be safe on this night, for all is not well. All is not well”
The Crier’s words hung heavy in the early eve. Shutters were closed and the townsfolk scattered to their homes as empty beggars’ hands withdrew to the gutter leaving the once bustling crooked cobblestone streets now but a desolate spiral of gas lit flicker and elongated shadows.Step back in time to the festering stench and mire of Victorian London courtesy of Dead Melodies and Beyond the Ghost.

Written, performed and produced by Tom Moore and Pierre Laplace
Mastered by Pierre Laplace
Pierre Laplace / Beyond the Ghost: guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, melodica, field recordings
Tom Moore / Dead Melodies: guitars, keyboards, synths, harmonica, melodica, percussion, field recordings, foley/sound design
Amanda Elledge: French horn on tracks 1 and 8
Artwork by Simon Heath