With Atrium Carceri – Cellblock, composer Simon Heath releases his debut album with a theme from deep within isolated prison walls, haunted chambers and the cerebral cortex. With Cellblock, Simon Heath takes us on a journey through darkwave filled with details and complex mixing techniques.

“My main complaint about darkwave being its overrated repetitiveness, I was intrigued to find Cellblock on my doorstep. Taking it as a goal to reinvent darkwave whilst removing its monotonous feeling, composer Simon Heath has managed to create a 43 minute long album that is filled with a varied tapestry of sounds and small details that make it more than just background music. Songs like “Black Lace”, “Corridor”, “Blue Moon” and “Red Stains” manage to slowly build up atmosphere, let music seep through your pores and invade your body. At times, I can imagine _Cellblock_ being the twisted soundtrack to a dark horror movie or a sinister first person shooter like “Quake” — to me a sign that Heath has succeeded in his goal. It is by far the most effective and intriguing darkwave album I’ve heard in quite a while, so I can heartily recommend it to anyone.”