Altered Dimensions

Alphaxone is back with a stunning album of smooth frequency manipulation fitting for exploring the concept of altered dimensions. The push and pull of sizzling layers creates a storming see of resonating bliss, until the dark waves of deep crashes in upon us. Mehdi Saleh (IRAN) is no stranger to dark ambient with 6 full length albums behind him. With Altered Dimensions he reaches a new level of audio fidelity and there is always something subtle in the background as protruding from beyond the physical plane.

Written, Produced – Mehdi Saleh
Mastered, Artwork – Simon Heath
“Well produced and voluntary absorbing, the sound sculptures of Altered Dimensions explore the confines of our consciousness, the deep vastness and parapsychological paradigms. The sonic and synthesized sound environment is fundamentally turned to sustained drones made of bass frequencies, sinuous electronic waves, micro noises and treated field recordings. Very abstract and cinematic deep ambient sound odyssey that will definitely ravish listeners of the spacey-naturalistic ambient atmospherics of Alio Die, as well as the magmatic ambient blackness of Lustmord (notably in more “spectral”-oriented albums such as Dark Places of the Earth orCarbone/Core) and Coph Nia (The Tree of Life and Death). Nothing new here but quite a refreshing and well composed album. Altered Dimensions is largely recommended for insatiable adepts of the subterranean ambient genres.”