Sabled Sun 2147

Sabled Sun 2147 , the third album from the Sabled Suns 21xx series about a man awoken from hibernation to a world in ruins, takes us through the third year 2147. A shattered man self taught to survive in the harsh world left empty by it’s predecessors, only it’s mechanical children left behind. The protagonist journeys through a burned out world towards the Outer Zones and the rumored space center there, in search for answers.

2147 is home to the Sabled Sun Universe encapsulating not only the 21xx series but also the Sabled Sun – Signals Series which is a series of space ambient albums monotonous and droney, a stark contrast to the dynamic and field recording heavy 21xx series.
Written, Produced, Artwork, Mastered – Simon Heath


“2147 is a subtle dark ambient album that revels in creating interesting soundscapes that ease you through them, rather than hurrying you along to the next big rumble-drone finale. While the concept and tracks do fit with the story of the description, my mind did what it usually does and concocted its own impressions of what was going on, though still loosely associated with the narrative….I enjoyed my time with 2147. Every part of the album is polished and seamlessly put together. I also enjoyed how it sounded more like Atrium Carceri on a couple of occasions. ” –