Sabled Sun 2146

Sabled Sun 2146, the follow up to the album 2145 takes us to the second year after our
protagonist awakens from deep hibernation sleep to a world in ruins.
Seeking signs of life he encounters the illuminated cities still powered by automated energy and its robotic inhabitants moving with pointless tasks void of meaning. Simon Heath takes us to a cold place of nuclear winters and lost hope in this genre bending release.
Production, Artwork, Mastering – Simon Heath


“If anything, 2146 has both a story to relate and a warning to impart to the human future. If we are to immerse ourselves in the rusted wasteland that Sabled Sun has created, there’s no reason not to believe that the unnamed protagonist wandering these lands is our very selves. In this way the sonic cautions woven here become even more relevant to each of us, advising us to break out of the mundanities of our selfish lives lest we experience these winters for ourselves. In spite of its morals, 2146 is an extremely successful and beautiful work of dark ambient which refuses to get bogged down in sermonising, existing chiefly as a highly atmospheric and effective ambient album. It crafts a darkly stunning and layered world which we are forced to interpret psychologically, and which we may end up exploring physically before too long.”