This page is mainly for festival and event organizers and gives a quick rundown on our artists and which country they currently reside in. Click artist to access their profile for social media or other contact information.

North America
Atrium Carceri / Sabled Sun (US, Oregon) – Not currently available
Council of Nine (US, California)
Randal Collier-Ford (US, Oregon)
Mystified (US, Missouri) – Not currently available
Northumbria (Canada)
Apocryphos (US, Pennsylvania)

Wordclock (Portugal)
Sjellos (Germany) – Not currently available
Cryobiosis (Romania) – Not currently available
Neisvestija (Stockholm, Sweden)
Dark Matter (Germany)
Aseptic Void (Italy)
Ugasanie (Belarus)
Halgrath (Russia)
Aveparthe (Russia)
Alt3r3d Stat3 (UK)
Dronny Darko (Ukraine)
protoU (Ukraine)
Aegri Somnia (Croatia)
Enmarta (Italy)
Metatron Omega (Serbia)
Kammarheit (Sweden)

Alphaxone (Iran)

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