Xerxes The Dark
Xerxes The Dark is a dark ambient music project founded by Tehran based music producer Morego Dimmer (Mohamadreza Govahi) back in 2005.
Morego approaches music from a technological angle, he holds MSc in Materials Science & Engineering and received music technology certification from Adelaide University in 2016. His project is a conceptually varied one that balances metaphysics, mysticism and science
Morego was a co-founder of Iranian dark ambient tribute band “Blind Owl” and disbanded Doom Metal band “Ostanes”. Xerxes The Dark has collaborated with artists from all across the planet, Greece, France, Russia, USA, Belgium and Belarus.
He played on Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF) and Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX) and other famous venues in Tehran like RoobeRoo Manison and Da Theater Hall.
His other notable music projects are Nyctalllz (Noise/ Electroacoustic) and MOREGO (Downtempo Ambient)
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