Sabled Sun

Sabled Sun

Sabled Sun is a Futuristic Post Apocalyptic project by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) which revolves around our protagonist waking up from deep sleep hibernation to a world abandoned. The story of Sabled Sun takes us through barren wastes, abandoned cities, robotic factories, research laboratories in search for what happened to humanity.

Sabled Sun – Signals, is a series of space ambient works that portrays signals that the protagonist from the albums 2145 and 2146 finds on his journey to find out what happened to humanity after waking up from hibernation deep sleep to an empty world void of human life. As such this is an optional look into what happens in the periphery of the main project.

Judging from the concept of your albums, you seem to be fascinated by science fiction. What are the distinctive features you’re looking for in sci-fi books or movies? Do you have any favourite authors or films that you’d say, have particularly influenced your work?

When it comes to sci-fi I am maybe surprisingly more of a cyberpunk guy than a space guy. My favourite movie is probably “Bladerunner” still and it is hard to shake the impact that William Gibson had on me growing up. For me the fascination of sci-fi comes down to how humanity is changed by technology and how much we gradually change when we stray from our caveman roots. I am also fascinated with anything post apocalyptic, be it zombies or just post nuclear war.

Could you tell us, from a compositional point of view, if there are any differences between working on Atrium Carceri and Sabled Sun?

Definitely. Atrium Carceri is a more personal project and I usually start every studio session with deep meditation to get into the right mindset and connect to my dream self, or at least open up those memories and channels. Sabled Sun on the other hand is produced more like a soundtrack for a movie, it is more “scene” oriented compared to Atrium Carceri. I also don’t use test listeners with Sabled Sun.” – Excerpt from interview in Santa Sangre /

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