Lesa Listvy

Moscow based Lesa Listvy is a 4 man ambient project

Taking strides to avoid the digital, they gravitate towards ritual live jams using experimental instrumentation.

Inspired by old Russian tech, their music mixes Sci-Fi with the Siberian Taiga. Powerful drone, pulsating subs and ethereal swells depict ancient forests and futuristic atmospheres.

Daniil Sheremet
Trained violinist and vocalist in a rock band. Among his other contributions he also did the vocals for the album Lesa Listvy – Way Home

Ryazantsev Dmitriy
A hardware head rooted in the psychedelic music scene in Russia where analogue gear is king. Catch him playing in deep forest festivals.

Armenak Voskanyan
A music school graduate that plays clubs in Moscow with his compact hardware synth setup.

Stanislav Smirnov
Grew up making music with the soviet computer the BK0010. Played in an art-rock band as a keyboardist for 5 years.
3 time winner in the Russian computer art demo scene.

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