Kolhoosi 13

Kolhoosi 13

Kolhoosi 13 is a Finnish dark ambient project by Juho Lepistö and Niko Salakka. The project started in 2012 as an experiment on creating atmospheric soundscapes exclusively from field recordings. With time the project evolved and some synthetic sound sources were introduced to support the sceneries and give them more drone-like qualities.

With the audio sceneries filled with dread, Kolhoosi 13 investigates the dark side of humanity. The lust of power, and the despair, famine, tyranny, death, and disasters that follows; the human features that are present everywhere where humanity flops around with its apelike limbs. A true introspection to the savage animals behind a civilised facade, despreately trying to suppress the beast – always failing.

Barren soundscapes of Kolhoosi 13 paint a bleak picture of a world in aftermath of the reckless experiments and actions made in name of power, manifesting complete disregard of life and man’s own habitat. A world where both lives and nature are expendable, and the grim consequences are just another record to be erased and forgotten.

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