In Quantum

In Quantum (IQ) is a new name but an old project by the Swede Eric Peterson. IQ originated in the deep dark forests in Sweden, now HQ in the USA Composing Dark Cinematic Ambient Music, Craft, Record, Mix and Master Sound(s) for Humans, Art and Film. Active from the Late 1980s to Present.

How did it all start?

I think ca 1986, a good friend of mine gave me a cassette that originated from his older brother(a copy of a copy of a copy). It had older Industrial music ie Einsturzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, and Kraftwerk. I was immediately hooked on how synthesizers, drum-machines, and aggressive vocals ran through multiple distortion pedals, vocoders, delays, and harmonizers could have such an effect on sounds. From that point on I started finding metal objects to use as instruments as well as renting older synths from local music stores. From there it went to more sophisticated composing and equipment. I was a member of multiple small EBM/Industrial synth bands in Sweden and also as a sound designer.

How did you get into Dark Ambient Music?

Recently? Cryo Chamber!
Atrium Carceri (Simon) absolutely has set the bar to new heights and with the collaborative label [Cryo Chamber], Simon has totally reinvented the genre of Ambient music, a very exciting time to be in and be a part of. Early inspirations I would say Lustmord,
Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Stockhausen, and other avant-garde Industrial. I’ll never forget getting The Insect Musician album by Graeme Revell (SPK) or hearing Lustmords Paradise Disowned LP. Ultra low freq drones making your eyeballs vibrate, good stuff :)!
I have always been a fan of sounds and music in films.

What inspires you?

Sounds, Music, Life, People, Nature, Movies, Victorian-era thrillers and of course Lovecraft. What kind of equipment do you use? Anything from a 1990 Porta-Studio, 1950’s tunable AM/FM tube radios, various synths to Logic Pro X. But my favorite instrument is the Yamaha CS-80(need one desperately!). But I would say that my main instrument [2019] is the Computer, the rest details.

What’s next?
A lot of projects, new In Quantum material is always in the making. a lot of mixing and remixing for other artists, Sound design.

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