Hilyard is a multi genre music artist/sound designer with a heavy focus on creating immersive and often long form dronescapes. A bit of a nomad, Hilyard has lived in many places both rural and urban but now resides in the quiet fog soaked forests of Maine on a family homestead. He didn’t start out as an ambient artist; in fact he played in a few death metal/grind bands and started producing beats at an earlier age. His interest in ambient music stemmed from a need to escape a tragic reality where the deaths of close friends and family couldn’t be counted on both hands and feet. The meditative ambient genre was a natural evolution of both personal music taste and need. Music was always the healthy way out and a vehicle to move forward and possibly help others who may be dealing with harsh realities of their own.

Hilyards story, style and sound are still being formed but his hazy and sometimes-melancholic drones tend to balance out darkness with bittersweet positivity. He utilizes his own found sound and field recordings along with an array of instruments and organic noisemakers to sculpt his ambient dream worlds. Much of his music tends to be minimalist which can also dive into cinematic ambient and a bit of modern classical. Although ambient environments are his main focus, Hilyard also intends to create within other genres such as post-metal, post-rock, and beat based electronic music.

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