Enmarta is a passion project of dark ambient project from Italy created by Siegfrid T in 2012 and is produced in his downtime when not touring with Reggio Calabria Philarmonic Orchestra as a Viola performer. Cinematic deep frequencies are mixed with Siegfrids Viola to create ominous landscapes of isolated castles and dark towers.

Interview with Enmarta

1. Tell us a bit about the new album Sea of Black.

Sea of Black represents something I have never unleashed since I started to make and play Music. It is actually a sort of climax which leads us from the regions of the tormented psyche until its more extreme cure: Spiritual Death and at least Ecstasy (something we can call “Nirvana”). It is not a coincidence that I wanted to open the album with the title track “Enmarta” and conclude it with “Estatic Paradigm”. That’s because it is my personal escalation. It is actually something I was working on for about 4 years, even when I was in my high school. I used to write Enmarta’s tracks on my music notation book during lessons and I was also used to ask for explanations in my music academy about the better compositional method I could use for this kind of music. And here it is Sea of Black, a mixture of Serial and Minimalist music combined with the sublime Dark Ambient genre.

2. Seeing as you are out touring with the Orchestra often, is that something you draw inspiration from?

Well, I usually divide my activities even if I play the same instrument in two different genres. But something tells me that I should say yes because most of things I’ve learned in my life comes from the orchestra, or better, from the ensemble playing which makes you not only a good musician and soloist, but a great person, too. And then it comes inspiration!

3. There seems to be a lot of European influences in your works not least when it comes to the composition itself. Listening to Sea of Black one gets a sense of gothic castles and towers and a time before the modern world, would you agree with that?

Everything is “influence” in Music. We should know that W. A. Mozart studied J. S. Bach, both were studied by L. van Beethoven and so on.

Then I would agree with that description, even if Enmarta doesn’t have a specific time nor location in this world but, as I said time ago, it is a “mind game”. It depends on where your mind brings you. If it leads you to gothic/dark castles and towers, well, it could be a particular sign. Just think about it.

4. What’s up next for Enmarta?

Actually I’m “on hold”. Sea of Black has been released and I couldn’t ask for more from one of the best Dark Ambient labels in the world.

I’m also searching for a good live set; it would be perfect to bring this music outside the concept of Music itself but, it is too difficult even to think about it if you live in a small town full of ignorance and mental corruption. There’s not respect for Classical Music, just think about what Dark Ambient could be for people like this.

Now I’m looking forward to the future: new instrumentation and totally new ideas I already put on paper. See you.

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