Dead Melodies

Dead Melodies is the dark ambient meets ambient post-rock project of UK based Tom Moore. His sound is a densely textured blend of atmospheric guitars, detailed electronics and programmed field recordings.

Through musical fusion, cinematic storytelling and artistic experimentation, Moore creates diverse sonic narratives of varying styles bringing elements of non-traditional themes and sounds into the dark ambient genre. Mixing both live instrumentation and studio production techniques, his output can include anything from ethereal guitars to field recordings to dark evolving synths alongside a range of acoustic instruments and found sounds. Through detailed sound design and production, this combination melds into mini dreamlike tales traversing what could be described as both warm and harmonious as well as dark and ominous.

Even though having experimented musically with hardware, DJing and guitars since the mid 90s Moore’s diverse published catalogue ultimately began in 2006 with the mixed-genre outfit, Indigolab. Over eight years with numerous collaborators on board he produced and released ten albums and EPs making anything from dub to folk to chillout, but nearly always featuring his trademark acoustic guitar. The most notable and best reviewed release of this era was the 2013 ambient dub album, ‘The Last Cartographer of Dreams’. In late 2014 Moore switched focus to develop a more refined sound exploring the ambient world, and thus Dead Melodies began.

Before joining Cryo Chamber, he released three EPs as well as two full length albums on Norwegian net label, Sparkwood Records, including the ethereally ambient, ‘Subtle Imperfections’ and the twisted field recording/drones of ‘Parallel Existence’. It was in 2017 when his sound spiralled further into dark ambient territories with his Cryo Chamber debut; ‘Legends of The Wood’; a dark trip into the woods through atmospheric drones, mentally transporting soundscapes and melancholic melodies, with the dream inspiring ambient post-rock, “A Trial of Crows and Blood’ being a popular stand out. A year later in 2018 he returned with the next chapter in the story, ‘The Foundations of Ruin’; an exploration of the ghostly ruins of a once stately manor, featuring Silent Hill styled dark piano themes alongside heavy field recordings.

Bringing alternative styles to his catalogue, in 2019 Moore released the dark space album, ‘Primal Destination’ featuring an alien planet exploration theme followed in early 2020 with the ‘The Masterplan’; a technological apocalyptic album with apt sound design themes amidst warm drones.

Collaboratively, Moore has released a number of albums on Cryo Chamber, including the droning dark jazz noir album, Anthropocene with Zenjungle and the dark victorian London inspired musical adventure, ‘Crier’s Bane’ with Beyond the Ghost both released in 2020. He has also contributed to three of the label’s annual Lovecraft mass collaborations.

2021 sees Moore return with his most adventurous album yet, ‘Fabled Machines of Old’. A sprawling and diverse release fusing dark folk, post rock and dark ambient laid down with Moore’s usual harmonic delivery. The album features collaborations with Atrium Carceri and Northumbria and follows the story of an old Bard tasked with saving mankind from an army of machines.

Moore also has several active side projects, including the ambient post-rock/drone band, Understated Theory, the dark blues noir project, Cinereous Mire and he still releases the occasional Indigolab album.

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