Creation VI

Creation VI is a project of Tim Six, born in Crimea in 1985. Since 2006, Creation VI creates different kinds of drone & ambient music, using acoustic instruments and voice as primary source of sound, sometimes heavily processed, sometimes reaching to acoustic ambient-folk style. During 2013-2016 project was a duo with Valeria Kostyornaya (Aloe) using her voive and number of ethnic instruments. Project often collaborates for live and studio recordings with fellow projects & artists such as Uhushuhu, Lunar Abyss, SiJ, Ugasanie, Dronny Darko and many others. Music of Creation VI is an intuitive & mostly improvised flow of impressions, reflection of the inner states and quite often – certain philosophical ideas. A space for the listener to dive deeply, getting certain experiences, to express non-verbal impressions, primal and archaic states which are common for all human beings.

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