Atrium Carceri

Atrium Carceri

Atrium Carceri is a Swedish musical project by Simon Heath. Atrium Carceri’s albums incorporate cinematic themes that help make the sound that much more haunting. The perfect soundtracks to untold horror movies. His first seven full-length albums have been released by industrial record label Cold Meat Industry. Heath recently created the Cryo Chamber record label. Void, 2145 (as Sabled Sun), and Sacrosanct (with Eldar) were released under this new label.

Atrium Carceri is typically described as dark ambient and industrial ambient music. Similar to projects like Lull and Lustmord, Atrium Carceri uses synthesizers, sound effects, field recordings, piano and other instrumentation to create “slow rhythms, bitter melodies and complex textures” generally based on themes of desolation, loneliness (especially solitary confinement) and environmental decay.

Atrium Carceri has been praised by music critics and embraced by a cult audience for its depth of atmosphere. As described by one reviewer, “Heath creates a world where time collapses, where the ancient world of conjured spirits, the physical limitations of being all too human, and the infinite outreach of potential futuretech, all coexist.”

His music has been featured in everything from Hollywood movies such as “Deliver us from Evil”, to short films, documentaries and video games.


After having worked on his debut album for 2 years, Simon releases Atrium Carceri – Cellblock on CMI. Unsure on how the reception will be with such a sound effect and atmospheric focused album with short concise tracks and strong telling compared to the genre standard of long monotonous track, he is caught off guard by the overwhelming critical acclaim. He immediately goes back to the drawing board to see how he can refine his sound even more.


Atrium Carceri – Seishinbyouin is released on CMI


Atrium Carceri – Kapnobatai is released on CMI. Simon claims to this day that it took far longer to produce this album than intended since he simultaneously built an entire new studio and had to re-learn production techniques in his new DAW (Cubase). This is the album that solidifies the Atrium Carceri mythos, with strong ties to Seishinbyoin.


Atrium Carceri – Ptahil is released on CMI. While Cellblock, Seishinbyouin and Kapnobatai revolves around the same narrative. The Ptahil album starts a completely new narrative that on future albums is slowly woven into the timeline.  The mythos throughout the albums becomes clearer and quite a few puzzles falls into place with a change of perception. Simon spends much of the rest of this year writing a journal about the ancient city which has up to this point been a shining black beacon throughout all albums.


Atrium Carceri – Souyuan is released on CMI. The album picks up again after Kapnobatai with the same narrative, the downward spiral of the protagonists psyche brings him closer to his ancient home, the never ending metropolis.


Atrium Carceri – Phrenitis. Once again a completely new narrative,. Phrenitis is an album about the illusion breaking apart in places of war and human suffering and those that seek these places out to break into the other side. The first album to go into depth about exploring the ancient homes of our long lost past and map it’s points of interest. Towards the end of the album, the protagonists ego finally dissolves and fuses into the protagonist of Cellblock, Seishinbyoin, Kapnobatai, Souyuan and merges with it’s timeline with the track Reunion.


Atrium Carceri – Reliquiae is released on CMI. An album completed in 2011 but that got delayed with the slow death of CMI approaching. This album jumps back to the narrative of  Ptahil and continues that timeline. Simon starts talking to various artists in the genre about the future of Dark Ambient. With the death of CMI, the genre slowly falls even deeper into industrial grounds and power noise and so he founds the Dark Ambient label Cryo Chamber. It’s first release sees a release later that year.

Atrium Carceri – Void is released on Cryo Chamber. A complicated narrative when the protagonist of Ptahil and Reliquiae slowly dissolves his ego and merges with the protagonist and narrative of all the previous albums and three souls strong seek complete enlightenment at the end of the iron stairs.

Atrium Carceri & Eldar – Sacrosanct is released on Cryo Chamber.


Atrium Carceri – The Untold is released on Cryo Chamber. An album which tackles the truth that all other albums led up to, the realization that the Demiurge is gone, the architect not seen for thousands of years when he descended the abyss. The album revolves around an expedition into the dark pits of the abyss, a massive hole in the center of the ancient Metropolis to find out what happened. The digital release features a 17 page companion, with various short excerpts and stories throughout the timeline.


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